Farm History

Hogdal Turf Farm History

John Hogdal, owner of Hogdal Turf, took over operation of his family farm from his father Virgil in 1990.

The Hogdal family farm was homesteaded as a Dairy farm and potato farm in 1873 by John’s great-grandfather. Virgil began sod production in 1965. He was an early member of American Sod Producers Association (ASPA) and a founding member of the Minnesota Turf Association (MTA). All of the sod he grew was sold in the field. In 1975, John began Hogdal Turf to serve the retail and wholesale market with delivered sod.

Hogdal Turf consist of 160 acres of sod, 140 acres of cash crops rotating between soy beans, corn, oats, rye and hay.


Hogdal Turf is looking for dependable hard working individuals to work until mid-November. If you are interested in becoming part of the Hogdal Turf staff, please call us at 763-434-6828.

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